Vytis Shield®
Microbe reducing surface protection


the value of Vytis Shield® microbe reducing surface coatings 

Real world testing in hospitals has shown continued protection for up to 12 months

- Our surface coatings permanently bind to surfaces & will not leach into the environment like  many disinfectants will

- Environmentally conscious - reduces VOC's & uses a mechanical mechanism compared to a chemical mechanism to continually reduce microbes on treated surfaces

- Real world data from hospitals showed a 99.13% microbe reduction 

- Continually working to eliminate bio-burden in between cleaning events

- Will not change the texture, color, odor, feel or quality of the surfaces treated, including hard, porous and textile surfaces

- No changes to facility protocols required

- No staff retraining needed

- Simple & safe with competitive pricing

- Flexible scheduling available to keep your facility open and running with one annual treatment


at Vytis Shield®, we aim to provide healthy and unique solutions to today's environmental challenges, creating peace of mind for patients, students, staff, and visitors. 


With a combined experience of over  20 years working in the Healthcare Environment, our Vytis Shield team understands how to work with Hospital Staff to treat surfaces non-intrusively, protecting surfaces between sanitizing and cleaning events. 


Our Surface Coatings allow your staff to continue working without changing hospital protocols, and there is no training necessary for staff.  Our team is here to make your job easier, keeping your surfaces free of microbes, without disrupting the natural flow in your hospital. 


Little hands should have safe areas to play and learn and grow, which is why Vytis Shield® Surface Coatings help provide a clean contact surface in places where there is a high rate of human touch between cleanings.  Our Surface Coatings are non-leaching, contain no VOC's, and are geared for the smallest hands.


Vytis Shield®  provides multiple environmental solutions for the Agricultural Industry that are safe for Animals and Produce, as well as your staff, which can keep surfaces free from contamination and reduce odors significantly. 


Travel can create a lot of anxiety right now.  Vytis Shield® Surface Coatings provide a long-lasting reduction of microbes  on all of the high touch surfaces where cross-contamination occurs, in between cleanings and sanitizing events.  One application a year allows your planes, trains or automobiles to keep working with minimum downtime, providing a return on investment and peace of mind for your customers.

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