Hand sanitizer

Tough on Germs & Gentle on the Hands

12 Hour Protection

Alcohol Free

Kills 99.99 % of Germs


What's so special? 

Vytis Shield Hand Sanitizer has been shown to have antiviral activity against Norovirus (Murine Norovirus Type 1 ), Rhinovirus (cause of the common cold) (ATCCVR-482), Influenza virus (ATCCVR-1741) and Enterovirus 71 (Hand, Foot & Mouth disease virus)

In using the ex-vivo test method utilizing the pigskin model, persistent activity was shown against all three antibiotic resistant strains: MRSA, VRE & CRE for up to 4 hours.  Mean reduction between all 3 strains was over 99.9% at 2 minutes, 98.9% at 1 hour, 96.1% at 2 hours and 91.3% at 4 hours.

The FDA requires hand sanitizers to be tested on actual hands to prove real world performance.

Healthcare Hand Rub Testing:

PreLog Inoculum Values (SD) for:

     Alcohol = 6.43 (0.69)

     Vytis Shield = 6.62 (0.73)

     Hand Sanitizer

Post Treatment Log Values for: 

      Alcohol = 2.53 (0.350)

      VS Hand = 2.38 (0.23)


Log Reduction Values for:

      Alcohol = 3.90

      VS Hand = 4.23